Serkova is a true-born Mogadorian surveyor, working for the Media Surveillance division at Ashwood Estates.

He is described as having a generic true-born face with a piggish nose.

When Adamus returns to Ashwood Estates from Kenya and given a job to redeem himself, Serkova is put in charge of bringing him up to speed with the media surveillance system. Immediately it is evident that Serkova dislikes Adamus and refers to him as a failed soldier, something which many other Mogadorians sneer at him for.

Serkova is present when Adamus decides to make a mess of the surveillance system by re-routing all media that comes through his computer into the discard directory. When Serkova realises what he is doing he tells Adamus that he deserves what he will get.

It is unknown what became of Serkova after the destruction of Ashwood Estates.