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Setrákus Ra
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'All of you in one place, how convenient for me. I hope you're ready to die!'.

Setrakus to the Garde before the Battle of Dulce.

Setrákus Ra is the political and military leader of the Mogadorians. It is also hinted that he may be somewhat of a religious figure. It is mentioned in The Fallen Legacies by Adamus Sutekh that the Mogadorians follow the teachings of Setrákus Ra, who they call their Beloved Leader, through his 'The Great Book'.

He is mortal enemies with Pittacus Lore, who refers to him as his "counterpart and enemy". Pittacus is also the only person who can stand against and defeat Ra. It is common knowledge (to Reynolds at least), that both Ra and Pittacus communicate with each other, hence the reason Eight believed himself to be Pittacus Lore's successor. Ra travels in a pearly white spherical ship, which arrives in a vortex storm and causes vibrations when it hits the ground.


Ra is ruthless, evil and cruel enough to lead the Mogadorians into a mass genocide of the Loric. He is also somewhat persuasive as he managed to convince the majority of the Mogadorian race that the Garde are their sworn enemies and as a result they stop at nothing to kill them all.

Physical Appearance

Setrákus Ra is described as a "monstrous creature". In John Smith's visions, he was over twenty feet tall with chiseled features and short cropped hair. In the books it describes him as very strong and powerful with pointy teeth.  He has many scars, most notably the large, grotesque purple one on his neck. It is unknown why he is physically different from the other Mogadorians, most notably in his extreme regenerative powers.

It is suspected that he is one of the 10 Lorien Elders. His unique scars mentioned by Six while having a fight with him on his body parts were possibly given to Ra by Pittacus Lore. Six didn't have time to compare her scars to the one's she saw on Ra's leg. 

Powers and Abilities

Setrákus Ra is one of the most powerful characters shown in the series, as well as easily being the most powerful Mogadorian. Having a myriad of abilities that make both ally and foe fear him, it is said that only Pittacus Lore, the most powerful Loric, is able to both match and defeat him.

  • Enhanced Physical Abilities: Similar, but not confirmed to be the same as the Garde's Enhancements. Ra has superior physical qualities such as strength and speed that far surpasses that of his fellow Mogadorian and even the Loric. Only Nine (already the fastest of the Garde) was able to match his speed long enough to stay alive.
  • Legacy Cancellation: He can cancel the Legacies of the Garde, putting them at a disadvantage. This first occurred when Six tried to stop who she thought was Sarah from her violent seizure, her powers disappear. Later, Setrákus raises his arm and blue electricity shot out from his fist, keeping Six from using her powers. This effect is later terminated when Ella uses her new mysterious Legacy.
  • Telekinesis: He has also shown a power similar to Telekinesis where he stopped a blade from hitting him. He was also able to lift Six after encasing her in rock to the ceiling and keep her there, though it is unknown if it was telekinesis or if he gave the rock magnetic properties, hinting the power of magnetism.
  • Rapid Regeneration: Ra is able to recover from attacks and wounds very fast. The only side effect is a scar where he was wounded. While battling him, Six stabs a Mogadorian Sword through his chest and drags it downwards, causing what should have been the finishing blow. Surprisingly he walks away from it perfectly fine.
  • Shape-shifting: With the aid of his Golden Cane, Ra is able to transform into a exact replica of any person either male or female, in both looks and voice. The transformation last as long as he desires, though he can only transform if the individual he is transformed/wants to transform into is alive.
  • Acidic Saliva: In The Fall of Five, Setrkaus Ra tortures Sam with his acidic spit in one of the first chapters.


  • He carries a Golden Cane with a head like that of a hammer and a black eye painted on the side. When thrusted towards a target, the black eye glows red and the victim is "ripped to shreds". The eye of the cane can also scan people allowing Ra to shape-shift into the desired individual. In The Fall of Five, it is said that the cane may have the power to prevent pain, for it temporarily stops Sam from feeling the pain of Setrakus Ra's acidic saliva.
  • He also uses a Double-headed Whip which lights up with orange flames that slowly traps a person in black rock if it makes contact with the person's skin.

The Power of Six

Setrákus Ra is seen in many of Four's visions. The first of which is on Mogadore where Ra is being told of the events that occured in Paradise. Setrákus then walks towards Four exclaiming how it had been a long time. It is unclear what he meant by this. He is also mentioned when Crayton shares his worries that he will arrive on Earth very soon. Sure enough, Ra arrives on earth shortly after John and Nine escape the Mogadorian mountain base. It is suggested that he notices their presence, but for unknown reasons ignores them. A forcefield is erected at the entrance to the base after he enters, forcing John and Nine to leave Sam inside at the mercy of Ra and the other Mogadorians.

The Rise of Nine

Setrákus visits Number Four and Number Eight with similar dreams, showing them friends chained and tortured and offering them a deal, they come and fight him/surrender and everyone can live. It is later revealed that Number Nine has been having similar dreams at the same time as Four.

When Six is caught in the desert in New Mexico, after being separated from Marina, Eight and Ella, it is revealed that Ra and the Mogadorians have struck a deal with the US government: in return for help hunting the Garde they receive weapons, other homeland security benefits, and a supply of iridium, which is incredibly rare on Earth. Six is thrown in a cell with whom she thinks is Sarah but is actually Setrákus in disguise. When he reveals himself he stops Six's Legacies and throws her around the room by her pendant, badly injuring her.

Later he requests a fight with Six but claims that she must first earn the right, setting an army of Mogadorians on her. Six fights them with ease before Ra shoots blue electricity from his hand and her Legacies disappear. He then pulls out his whip and it ignites with orange flames. Six manages to dodge his attack and slashes his calf, noticing the strange scars on his ankle. Ra eventually hits Six on the hand with the whip and the wound blackens and grows heavy. Despite this, Six sees an opportunity and stabs a Mogadorian sword through his chest and rips it downwards. Setrákus uses his Golden Cane to scan Six and he transforms into her. For Ra to stay in that form Six must be alive so he magnetizes her to the ceiling and the blackness spreads until she is encased in black rock.

Upon the arrival of John, Marina, Eight, Nine, Bernie Kosar and Ella, Setrákus appears to them as Six. Eight approaches him and Ra stabs him through the chest before immobilizing the Garde's Legacies, making it impossible for Marina to heal him. Ra reverts to his regular form and battles with Nine whilst an army of Mogadorians arrive. Nine battles valiantly with his Pipe-Staff but Setrákus toys with him. he is eventually hit with the fire whip multiple times and begins to turn into rock like Six, who watches from above.

Sarah, shooting a Mogadorian Cannon, enters the hall with Ella close behind. Ella throws an object that looks like a red dart, at Setrákus and he roars. The object counteracts whatever had removed Legacies and they return, empowering the Garde and allowing Marina to heal the injured.

Setrákus continues to fight Nine who is breaking out of his casing. The Garde start to regroup and suddenly there is a large explosion, during which Setrákus and the Mogadorians disappear.


'Behold the last of the Loric resistance, today our society celebrates a great victory of those who would stand in the way of mogadorion progress, today we cement the lasting peace between humans and mogadorians, at last we will finally stamp out the final threat of our glorious assistance, on this historic day I have chosen to bestowal the honor of sentencing to see who will one day succeed me as your beloved leader!'

- Setrakus (in John's vision) announcing the Mogadorians victory.

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