The energy coalesces into a crackling orb in front of Setrákus Ra’s hand, hovers there for a moment, and then zips towards me. I dive to the side and the orb alters course, making a beeline for me like it has a mind of its own. I hit the cold floor in a roll and try to avoid the energy, but it’s too fast. It burns through the hem of my dress and attaches to my ankle.

Setrákus Ra's Charm was a charm, presumably created with the use of a Charm Casting Legacy, used to link Ra and his Great-Granddaughter Ella in a manner similar to the link between the Nine chosen Garde.

Charm EffectsEdit

Protection of Setrákus RaEdit

The Charm placed on Ella brandished a scar on her ankle, as well as the ankle of Ra, similar to the Garde. The function of the charm is first discovered during a fight between Ra and Number Five where the latter plunges his blade through his shoulder. Ella screams out in pain as she discovers a wound open in her shoulder where the blade had entered Ra, she realizes that any damage done to Ra, happens to her instead - effectively protecting him from the Garde.

Breaking the CharmEdit

The weakness of this charm, the method of breaking it, was discovered by Ella in the beginning of the invasion at the end of the Revenge of Seven, when she stabs Setrákus Ra in the leg with a piece of debris that she charges with her dreynen legacy, Ella reveals that whatever she does to Setrákus Ra does not affect her, as the wound produced by her stab was present on Setrákus Ra and not Ella.

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