Water Vial

When the water is removed from the vial it takes the shape and forms nuggets of Loralite. It is one of the nine Phoenix Stones meant to restore Lorien.

Dark Gloves Only shimmer when Marina touches them. Their purpose was discovered by Nine, who clapped whilst wearing the gloves and emitted a near sonic level boom.

Dark Glasses The glasses allow the user to see things before they happen. They are first used by Ella who sees a rocket speeding towards them, which doesn't seem to be there at first but soon comes into view. They were smashed when Ella was being "tested" by Number Eight.

Tree Branch As Marina holds this branch out of the window she feels a slight magnetic force. This tree branch also has the power to control trees. It can bend them and move them around at her will.

Red Crystal This item has a glass lens and a floating needle, not dissimilar from a compass. As Marina holds this in her hands it begins to glow and grow hotter, however she drops it and it loses its glow, becoming a faint blue colour. It is a tracking device that uses a Macrocosm to give a location, it glows when Macrocosm is in orbit. Crayton speculates that the Mogadorians have stolen one and can use it to track Marina.