Shehzad Popat
Born c.1987/88, California
Occupation Professional Swimmer, Actor, Director, Model
Portrayed Number Eight
Shehzad Popat is a professional swimmer and swimming teacher, Actor and is also known for some modelling and directing works as well. Popat played Number Eight in the book trailer for The Fall of Five.

Shehzad hails from Southern California and has come to New York by way of Japan, where he spent the previous three years teaching and coaching. In 2008, Shehzad competed at the Golden Jubilee Games in Kenya, where he took home gold and silver medals in the 200 and 100 meter breaststroke. While he is an accomplished swimmer, Shehzad’s first aquatic love is water polo. He now teaches at Imagine, New York City's largest learn-to-swim school.

Popat is part of the emsemble of Blogologues, a sketch comedy show that brings your favorite blog posts to the stage, as well as other wacky online material that probably shouldn’t be read out loud. Blogologues started in 2011 and performed onstage in New York City.

In 2013 Popat Directed and starred in "Natsuki", presented by Damnationland, which follows Nattsuki, a forsaken Portlander, who lives what it means to be damned.

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