Size Enhancement
Possessed By Pittacus Lore, Setrákus Ra
Primary Function Enables Body to Grow Taller

"'One night, a man showed up at my door. He was wounded and rambling - at first I mistook him for a crackpot or a vagrant. And then, before my very eyes, he grew.' 'Taller?' Six asks, an eyebrow raised. My dad chuckles. 'Indeed. It doesn't seem like much now, considering all I've seen, but it was the first time I'd seen a Legacy at work."

(Malcolm conversing with the Garde, The Fall of Five)

Size Enhancement is a type of Legacy of Lorien. It allows the possessor to grow in size to become, atleast, twenty feet tall.

Known UsersEdit

Pittacus LoreEdit

The Lorien Era Pittacus Lore travelled to Earth, having been caught up in the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien, and is badly injured. He goes to the home of Malcolm Goode and demonstrates his ability to grow taller which causes Malcolm to scream in terror.

Setrákus RaEdit

In the Garde's first encounters with Setrákus Ra he is noted to be a monsterous twenty feet tall, proving a difficulty in battle. However, outside of battle he appears in his natural size, around eight feet tall. Number Five's first meeting with Setrákus is in his natural size and Ella, onboard the Anubis, notes how Ra is not as huge as he was at Dulce.