Sofia García was a fabricated sixteen year old girl who lived in Argentina.

She was the focus of a widespread news article that reached Henri, Four and Marina, atleast, following a heroic act where she supposedly lifted a five ton slab of concrete to rescue an elderly man trapped beneath it. Sofia disappeared without a trace after being witnessed and the mayor of the town offered a large reward to anyone who could find her.

In Athens, Ohio, at the home of They Walk Among Us, Four finds a note that says that Number Nine had been tracked in South America leading Henri and Four to speculate that Sofia was Number Nine. 

Sofia is later mentioned again by Four, shortly before the Garde find the real Number Five, however Six dismisses the story as one created by the tabloids.

In a video report that Malcolm finds in Ashwood Estates, it is discovered that she was fabricated by the Mogadorians in order to lure the Garde.


  • There have been a number of clues suggesting Sofia's identity which have turned out to be false.
    1. Sofia at one point was thought to be Number Nine because the note said that someone was tracking Nine in South America.
    2. Sofia was thought to be Number Five but it was confirmed in The Fall of Five that Five is a boy.
    3. It was assumed that Sofia is the blonde girl carried by her Cêpan into the ship in One's vision. It was One's vision, Two had red hair, Six has raven hair, Marina has dark hair and Ella was not on the ship. The same girl was later seen quietly eating a piece of fruit.
    4. When speaking to Sam about alien conspiracy stories, Henri mentions a species that live at the center of the earth called the Centuri that are constantly having civil wars, the reason behind volcanoes and earthquakes, all because the King's daughter went missing. He mentions that theorists believe she can shape-shift and is living somewhere in South America. This was also a suggested theory.