Somalia is located on what is known as the horn of Africa in the East. It is known to be in a perpetual state of brutal tribal and civil war, with poverty keeping tempers high. It shares a border with Kenya.


The Gulf of Aden, off the Somalian coastline, is the lcoation of a Loralite rock, suggesting that the area was of some Loric importance in the past. The rock allows Eight to teleport from significant distances from where another rock is present.

After teleporting from India, Number Eight, Marina and Ella are separated from Number Six and arrive in the Gulf of Aden. Eight hints that he has been here before but does not elaborate suggesting there was a little more to the story.

Marina falls to the bottom of the sea where she regains her strength, she soon finds the Loralite rock and returns to the surface. Eight uses his Green Crystal to create a strong gust of wind that parts the sea so that they can reach the bottom to where the Loralite is, and teleport again. On the way down, Ella discovers that she has Telepathy and is able to contact Six and discover that she was teleported to the New Mexican desert.

At the seabed, Eight shapeshifts into an Octopus; he grabs his and Marina's Loric Chests with two tentacles and Marina and Ella's hands with another two and the group teleport again.