South America is a continent located mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. Though the Garde landed in the Americas and some remained and went into hiding there, some strayed to South America for a brief period.


Number Five was seen in Brazil on the White Tablet by Four and Nine whilst they stop in Chicago, shortly before the battle of Dulce. It is later discovered that the reason for this is because Five was visiting a Mogadorian base, located in South America, at the time. During the mogadorian invasion of earth a warship goes to São Paulo but later flies up to the moon leaving São Paulo's people safe.


Sofia García, the subject of a wide reaching news story, lived in Argentina and supposedly rescued a man by lifting a heavy slab of concrete off of him following an earthquake. She later disppeared from the area and wasn't seen again.

  • Malcom discovers a log in the archives of Ashwood Estates stating that a leaked news story in Buenos Aires, designed to lure the Garde, did not work.


Peru is the location of a Loralite rock that Number Eight is able to Teleport to and has travelled there atleast once. It is a site, of Loric importance, known as "The Reach" where the Loric people first made contact with humans.

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