Spain is a country situated in South-Western Europe. Shortly after arriving on Earth, Adelina travelled with Number Seven through Europe until they ran out of Loric Gems to fund their living and were eventually taken in by the Santa Teresa convent in Ávila, where they stayed for around 11 years.


Santa Teresa - ÁvilaEdit

On the run from the Mogadorians, Adelina and Number Seven travel through Europe and eventually settle in Santa Teresa where they live for eleven years. Here Adelina lost faith in the return of Lorien and turned to the faith of Christianity.

Marina lives with the other children at the orphanage but is desperate to learn more about her history and future. She learns of new Legacies by herself and is forced to live a normal life like other teenagers in the small town.

Crayton and Ella arrive and try to approach Adelina who sends them away. Ella is sent into the orphange to help Marina find her chest so that Crayton and she can take Marina away. When the chest is recovered and opened, the Mogadorians find Marina's true location; meanwhile, Four, Six and Sam hear Marina and learn her location. Six leaves for Spain to find her.

The Mogadorians attack Santa Teresa and the fight is taken to the lake after Crayton lights a huge beacon to give the other Garde their location. At the lake, Six arrives and causes a great storm. Héctor Ricardo and Olivia are killed.

Key LocationsEdit