Super Strength, or Fortem, is a Legacy that allows the user to exert great strength from their muscles. It is one of the most common Legacies. 

The Loric Garde are naturally more enhanced than humans, meaning they are innately stronger and their senses are more enhanced. Among the Garde, this legacy further increases ones Strength.

Known UsersEdit

Number NineEdit

Nine has shown on many occassions that his Physical Strength is superior to his fellow Garde. Whilst trapped in the Mogadorian Mountain Base in West Virginia, he is trapped behind a force field while Sandor hangs, tortured and broken, in front of him. Nine hurls himself at the force field and manages to force his way out, killing Sandor out of mercy. When Four breaks into the base and frees Nine, they escape but Four decides to go back in to find Sam and runs into the forcefield, which instantly incapacitates him.

Melanie JacksonEdit

Melanie, the President's daughter, was gifted with Fortem. She was the first to be enrolled in the Earth Garde program initiated by the UN to train and deploy Human Garde and subsequently became their poster girl. The Earth Garde brochure shows Melanie Jackson lifting a brick wall over her head.

Nicolas Lambert Edit

A student at the Human Garde Academy.