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|icon = I-Am-Number-Four-2 (1) |by = All Garde will develop this legacy moves objects with mind

Telekinesis is a Legacy possessed by all of the Garde. It is the power of mental force and allows the user to physically move objects. It gives the user an advantage in battle as it can be used in uncountable ways as a means to fight, to protect or disarm amongst other uses.  The stronger/larger the object is being moved, the more force and mind power is required to move the object. The Garde develop telekinesis after or before their first Legacy has developed. This somewhat enders many abilities as useless as telekinesis is used for everything such as flight and manipulation of the elements.

Known UsersEdit


  • MovieScreenshot117

    Four saving Sarah from falling

    It is speculated that flight is an extension of Telekinesis, as the mechanics of moving objects with the mind are very similar here. Telekinesis has been used for levitation of many occassions in the series. Sonic Flight is a separate Legacy.


  1. The Revenge of Seven Chapter 30

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