Temperature Manipulation
Possessed By Young girl on Lorien, Pittacus Lore, Possibly Four and Marina
Primary Function Change temperatures
Secondary Function Possibly Fire or Ice manipulation

"There had been the girl with the ability to manipulate temperature who'd accidently frozen herself to death in the bathtub..."

(Sandor, The Last Days of Lorien)

Temperature Manipulation is a Loric Legacy that allows the user to control the temperature of the air and of the objects around them. This can be used to heat or freeze objects in it's simplelist form.

It is unknown to what extent this Legacy can be used, though it is possible it can develop into Legacies such Cryokinesis or Pyrokinesis.

Known UsersEdit

Young Girl on LorienEdit

Sandor recalls a young girl with the ability accidentally froze herself to death while she was taking a bath.



Six is able to change the temperature of the air as part of her Elemental Manipulation, having manipulated cool air around an airplane so that it could pass easily through a vicious thunderstorm over Kansas.


Along with the development of her Cryokinesis, Marina rapidly lowers the temperature of the general area. This allows her to create ice and manipulate it.


Possible with his Pyrokinesis.