Possessed By Number One

Adamus Sutekh Pittacus Lore

Primary Function Creation of damaging earthquakes

"A seismic wave erupts from her foot, tearing up the floorboards and sending Mogadorians flying..."

(Adamus Sutekh, The Fallen Legacies)

Earthquake Generation is an extremely powerful Legacy that brings about violent earth tremors which causes destruction to anything in its path. Either through the sheer violence of the attack or through opening up the earth and swallowing the enemy.

Known UsersEdit

Number OneEdit

One develops this Legacy when Hilde is killed by Mogadorians. She is angered and stamps her feet which triggers the earthquake, killing many oncoming Mogadorians. The Legacy could also open up the earth and swallow Mogadorians. The Legacy had only just shown itself and was not nearly as developed as it could have been. One soon becomes exhausted from using it and is soon overwhelmed by Mogadorians and killed.

Adamus SutekhEdit

Adam gains the Legacy when he wires his brain up to One's body in a desperate attempt to save her mind in his. He sees the vision of One gaining her Legacy and, whilst unconscious, he inadvertently uses it and Ashwood Estates is destroyed around him. Adamus later trains to develop it with the help of Malcolm Goode and is eventually able to aim and vary the intensity of the earthquakes. In New Mexico, Adamus uses the Legacy to destroy the Dulce Base armory, causing an explosion that destroys most or all of the base and killing all present Mogadorians including his adopted brother Ivanick Shu-Ra.

Pittacus LoreEdit

Those with the title of Pittacus have the Legacy Ximic which allows them to replicate Legacies that they have seen.

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