We first discovered Earth by chance. To ensure we could return, we left the Beacon. This Loralite stone, the largest ever mined, can be detected across the vastness of space. It is buried in the ocean to keep it out of sight, but that does not stop us from seeing it in other ways.

–A Guide to the Planet, The Earth Contingency - Egress Protocols

The Beacon is the name given to the largest Loralite stone ever mined. It was placed in the ocean in the Gulf of Aden, near Somalia. It can be detected from vast distances across space and is used so that the Loric, who discovered Earth by accident, could find their way back.

Number Eight, with Marina and Ella, teleport to the Beacon, while trying to reach New Mexico. Eight uses a stone from his chest, that produces strong winds, in order to get close enough to the stone and teleport to another Loralite stone on Earth.

The Beacon is considered one of seven of the most important Loric sites on Earth.