For Lorien's native animal species, see Chimæra.
The Chimæra is the name of one of Lorien's nightclubs, located in Capital City on Lorien. The establishment is known for music, dancing, Ampules and live performances. It is more popular than another club called Kora, which has bad music, smells and does not sell Ampules.

The Chimæra was one of Sandor's favourite places and he would often sneak in, underage, having illegally modified his Identity Band to allow him entrance.

Teev and Paxton, two older Cêpan, are also regulars at The Chimæra and become friends with Sandor, attempting to help him hide from his teacher on one occassion. Sandor stumbles into the dressing room under the stage and meets Devektra, a famous Garde performer and is invited to the VIP section by her to watch her stunning performance. He is later caught by his teacher and subsquently expelled from the Lorien Academy.

Sandor accepts a engineer training program with the Lorien Defense Academy and inadvertently returns to Capital City. He bumps into Devektra who invites him to her Quartermoon performance. Weeks later, he steals the ID band off an older Cêpan and sneaks to The Chimæra, he shares an intimate moment with Devektra before her performance. During her performance, The Chimæra is bombed in the first wave of Mogadorian attack, killing many civilians including Teev. Sandor, Devektra, Mirkl and Paxton are some of the survivors who scramble from the wreckage of the nightclub.