One day, when we are least prepared for it, a threat would come to test us - and destroy us. We wouldn't know when that threat was coming, but it would come, and when it did, we would have to be ready for it.

When the original Nine Elders had found the Phoenix Stones and brought forth the Great Loric Age - where Legacies and Chimæra were awoken and the planet enjoyed an abundance of peace, prosperity and  plentiful food and resources - they also set forth a Prophecy. The Elder's Prophecy was a warning to the Loric of an inevitable attack on Lorien when it was least expected.

As a result the Loric set their ultimate goal as world security, founding facilities such as the Lorien Defense Council and Academy, The Grid and training Garde as Warriors. Over time, however, even though they continued their constant security procedures, the Loric became numb to the actual possibility of a threat to the planet and hence the reason they did not expect and were not fully prepared for the Mogadorian Invasion that decimated all, but a very few , of the Loric race.

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