The Eye of Thaloc is an item, questionably of Mogadorian or Loric origin and a weapon of choice for Setrákus Ra, the Mogadorian leader. The cane is described as having a head like that of a hammer and a black eye painted on the side that seems to be alive as it moves and responds to its surroundings and its owner's wishes.

Number Nine destroyed this in The Revenge of Seven.



When thrusted towards a target, the black eye glows red and the victim is "ripped to shreds"; this is only seen in one of Four's visions in which he sees Ra about to leave Mogadore while being heckled by a crowd of protesters.


The eye of the cane can also scan people and Ra is then able to transform into them, providing that they are alive. Using this, he was able to transform into Sarah Hart and tried to talk Six into revealing information about the other Garde. Moreover, Setrákus was able to trick the Garde into thinking he was Six and was able to get close enough to critically wound Eight.

Temporary pain ease

The cane might also have the power to temporarily immunise the victim it touches from pain. When Sam is in captivity by the Mogadorians and Ra uses a thick acid-like substance as a method of torture, Ra places the Golden Cane on him temporarily causing the pain from the acid to ease.