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The Fall of Five
Author Pittacus Lore
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Rise of Nine
Followed by
The Revenge of Seven

The Fall of Five is the fourth installation in the Lorien Legacies series. WARNING THIS PAGE INCLUDES SPOILERS!

After facing off with the Mogadorian ruler and almost being annihilated at the end of The Rise of Nine, the Garde now realize that they are drastically unprepared and hopelessly outgunned. They must master their Legacies and learn to work together as a team, or they won’t stand a chance. The battle may have been lost, but the war for Earth’s survival is far from over.

The book is narrated by John Smith, Marina and Sam Goode.


John Smith thought that things would change once the Garde found each other. They would stop running. They would fight the Mogadorians. And they would win.

But he was wrong. After facing off with the Mogadorian ruler and almost being annihilated, the Garde know they are drastically unprepared and hopelessly outgunned. Now they’re hiding out in Nine’s Chicago penthouse, trying to figure out their next move.

The six of them are powerful, but they’re not strong enough yet to take on an entire army—even with the return of an old ally. To defeat their enemy, the Garde must master their Legacies and learn to work together as a team. More importantly, they’ll have to discover the truth about the Elders and their plan for the Loric survivors.

And when the Garde receive a sign from Number Five—a crop circle in the shape of a Loric symbol—they know they are so close to being reunited. But could it be a trap? Time is running out, and the only thing they know for certain is that they have to get to Five before it’s too late.

The Garde may have lost battles, but they will not lose this war.

Lorien will rise again.

Characters Edit

  • Number Four/John Smith - Main protagonist and the fourth member of the Lorien Garde returns as a narrator. He is hiding out in Nine's safehouse with the others. He struggles with the leader role that has been thrust upon him and contemplates their next move. After few encouragement from Nine he steps up to the plate when Five sends them a message. Things become awkward between him and Six since he is now back with Sarah. With the help of Sarah he and Six manages put it behind them. He is reunited with his best friend Sam. When he have to decide between saving Malcolm and saving Ella he choose to save Malcolm because he doesn't want Sam to go through what he went through when Henri died. 
  • Number Six - The sixth member of the Lorien Garde staying in Chicago with the rest of the garde. She travels to Arkansas with John, Sarah and BK to find Five. Throughout the book she hinted that she had feelings for Sam. She later travelled with Nine, Eight, Marina and Five to Florida where she learns that Five's a traitor, she was knocked out but later escaped with Nine and Marina
  • Number Nine - The Ninth member of the Lorien Garde, who hides out in Chicago with the rest of the Garde. Throughout the book, he tries to tough out garde, getting Marina and Eight to train with him and bully Five when he's reunited with them.
  • Number Seven/Marina - The seventh member of the Loric Garde comes back as a narrator. She is hiding out in Nine's safehouse with the others. She is worried about Ella when she experience nightmares. She trains with Nine to be a better fighter. She develops a new legacy, Cryokinesis when Eight is killed.
  • Number Eight - The eighth member of the Loric Garde stays in Chicago with the others. He expresses his gratitude to Marina for saving his life. He trains with Nine and Six. He travels to Everglades to retrieve Five's chest where he was killed in an attempt to save Number Nine. 
  • Ella - The tenth member of the Lorien Garde. She learned that she's not really Number Ten. She has been suffering nightmares of Setrákus Ra and was hinted to be his Heir and during an ambush she was kidnapped by the Mogadorians.
  • Number Five - One of the Loric children who escaped to earth during the invasion. He is the last garde to be reunited with the rest of the garde. He burns his symbol in a crop field to send a message to the other garde to find where he is. He is socially awakward probably due to the fact he has been living in an isolated island with his Cepan, Albert. His legacies are Telekinesis, Flight and Externa. It was shown that his telekinesis is far more advanced than the others. He also teams up with the mogadorians and is a traitor  
  • Bernie Kosar - John's Chimaera/pet. He stays with Garde in Nine's safehouse. He travels to Arkansas to find Number Five with John, Six and Sarah. When Eight finds an antler in his chest he uses it to communicate with the other Chimaera. When the mogadorians swarm Nine's safehouse he goes to the roof to hold off them. His fate is unclear.
  • Sarah Hart - After being rescued from Mogadorians in Dulce Base in the previous book she goes to Nine's safe house in Chicago with the rest of the Garde. She learns how to use fire-arms with the help of Six in order to fight better and help the Garde. She forms a friendship with Number Six. She travels to Arkansas to find Number Five against John's protests telling him that she can't no longer watch from the sidelines and hope everything will be okay. When John falls into a coma she refuses to leave his side and Malcolm forces her to leave to eat and get some sleep. When the Mogadorians attack the penthouse she along with Sam, Malcolm and BK fight against them to save the comatose Ella and John. 
  • Sam Goode - John's best friend from Paradise, Ohio. He was held captive by the Mogadorians but later escaped and reunited with his Dad. They later meet up with the Garde. Throughout the book he tries to prove himself more than a sidekick to the Garde and also get close to Six, who he has a crush on.
  • Malcolm Goode - Sam's Father, who used to have been in Mogadorian captivity but have no memory of it. He finds his son Sam and later meet up with the Garde with Malcolm becoming like a Cepan to them.
  • Adamus Sutekh - A rogue Mogadorian, who befriended Malcolm. He appeared briefly in the beginning, reuniting Malcolm and Sam and helping them escape and was thought to have died. He was revealed to be alive at the end of the book, meeting John and officially becoming an ally to the Garde.
  • Setrákus Ra - The political Mogadorian leader, who is hunting the Garde. He only appears briefly in the beginning and at the end in Four's vision.


Being a multi-viewpoint novel, The Fall of Five has multiple Point-of-view characters: Sam Goode, John Smith (Four), and Marina (Seven).

Sam's NarrationEdit

Sam starts the novel in his prison cell in Dulce, a few moments before the destruction of the base. He fantasizes about occasions where either Four or Six saves him from his cell. Meanwhile, his father, Malcolm Goode, and the Mogadarian defector Adam Sutekh arrive. Adam unleashes an earthquake, breaching the Mogadorian defenses, and breaks apart the door to Sam's cell. Sam and Malcolm reunite, while Adam tries to fights off the remaining Mog forces. However, soon the Mogadorians are too much for Adam; as a result, he tells Sam and Malcolm to leave the base, while he tries to subdue the Mogadorian soldiers. Malcolm reluctantly leads his son out of the base, killing two Mogs along the way. As Adam releases his final seismic blast, Dulce collapses and the two barely escape.
The father and son escape to a run down motel, where Sam fills his father in on all the events that occurred till then! While his father explains that the Mogs have tampered with his memory, and that he doesn't know who the skeleton in his bunker belongs to. They decide to call home, and the two leave a voicemail for Sam's mother.

Four's NarrationEdit

Four is with the other Garde, Bernie Kosar and Sarah in Nine's Chicago penthouse

Seven's NarrationEdit

She is with Nine, Eight, Six, and Five when they go to find Five's Chest.

Six's NarrationEdit

Main article: The Scar

Main PlotEdit

The Fall of Five begins where the Search for Sam ended. Sam is in his cell, fantasizing occasions where either Four or Six saves him from Dulce . Meanwhile, Adam and Malcolm break through the base and find him. Sam leaves with Malcolm, while Adam stays behind to subdue the Mogs . Sam and Malcolm reach safety before the base collapses, and they try to find the Garde .

Four, Six, Seven , Eight , Nine , Sarah and Ella have just arrived at Nine's Chicago penthouse in the John Hancock Center , where Marina is making breakfast. Ella has been having nightmares lately, about Setrakus Ra. The Garde find (through one of Sandor's programs) an image of a crop circle in the shape of the Loric number "five." They next find another clue that will hopefully lead to Five; a cryptic message that leads to Arkansas. The Garde argue about who should go, and finally Six, Four and Sarah go to Arkansas to try to meet Five . Once they reach Arkansas, they meet with Five. Mogadorians arrive in one of their ships and when John wants to escape, Five declares that he never saw one before, and is shell-shocked. The Loric try to fight off the Mog force and succeeds. However, a gigantic centipede-like creature appears, trying to devour Five and John. John leaps on Five's back while he lobs fireballs at the monster, but is knocked down. The monster is killed by a sniper shot from Malcolm, who has found John and the rest, with Sam. They regroup and return back to the penthouse.

Meanwhile, inside the penthouse Ella has just finished reading the letter Crayton gave her. She discovers the she is not Number Ten but actually a descendant of one of the Ten Elders. She was not meant to go to Earth, but when the Mogs appeared, her father commanded Crayton, her caretaker, to place her inside one of their relics, a spaceship running on fuel. She escaped with Crayton while her parents, Raylan and Erina died. Ella wants to leave the other Garde, but Marina, Eight and Nine try to convince her to stay, telling her that she is still one of them. Ella agrees.

Later, the others have arrived at the penthouse. Malcolm reveals to them that he met Pittacus Lore in person, and that Lore is dead. He also says that the skeleton inside Malcolm's basement was Pittacus Lore. The Garde fiddle with their chests, finding items of various use, such as summoning the Chimaera or creating Loralite. They also try to train together, in Nine's Lecture house, but Nine constantly mocks Five, saying that he is like a "Hobbit" and is weak and useless. He gets into a fight with Five and punches him on the chest, but Five uses his Externa to turn into steel and Nine ends up breaking his hand. He gets John to heal it, but John makes him promise not to hurt any more Garde again, and he agrees.

John finds a message written in Mogadorian from a scout. Malcolm sets out to interpret it using his computer. Meanwhile, Ella is in coma from a particularly bad nightmare, and when John touches he gets sucked in the dream, and passes out too. Five later wants to go to the Everglades to get his chest. When they reach the Everglades, Five attacks Six and Nine, revealing that he is actually working for the Mogadorians. He invites Eight and Seven to join him, but before they say anything Nine gets up again. Five decides to stab him to finish him off but Eight teleports in front of him and is stabbed through the heart. Eight dies. Seven gets angry, develops a new Legacy to create ice and takes out one of Five's eyes. She escapes with Six and Nine.

Back at the Chicago Penthouse, where John, Sarah, Ella, Malcolm and Sam are left at, Sam sees that the computer has finished the translation. He finds that the message displayed their current location, the Penthouse. He realizes that one of them has turned traitor, but thinks that it is his dad. Malcolm wants Sam to lock him up since he doesn't know whether he has been bugged by the Mogs. However, Malcolm's phone rings and Sam picks it up, only to find out that the caller is Adam and the Mogs are heading for the penthouse. Then the Mogs arrive, and Sarah and Sam try to fight them off.

John sees a vision of the future inside Ella's dream. He is dead, and he sees that Five is working for the Mogadorians, and a newspaper article that says invasion. Ella and Setrakus Ra are both sitting on thrones, and Six and Sam are the only Loric supporters alive. Ella gives command to execute them, and Five helps the Mogadorians execute Sam and Six.

John wakes up from that vision when Eight's scar burns on him. The Mogadorians have arrived, Sam and Sarah are still fighting them. He tries to fight back, but Malcolm is badly wounded. He faces the choice to either heal Malcolm or rescue Ella, who the Mogadorians are trying to capture. He chooses to heal Malcolm, and the Mogadorians retreat with Ella, who is still in the coma. After the battle, he meets up with Adam who has finally found him. The book ends with John saying: "Okay, Adam, you're going to help me win this war."


A number of prophecies were released on the official facebook page[1], giving an insight into what will happen to the main characters. It confirms the re-appearance of Sam Goode and that he is narrator for The Fall of Five. It also confirms the first novel appearance of Malcolm and Adamus.

  • Sam Goode - We've taken too long and Bernie Kosar wasn't able to stop them. The second wave is upon us.
  • John Smith - It has only been a few hours, but already John's skin has taken on a pallor similar to Ella's. Dark circles forming around his eyes. It's almost as if he's being drained some how.
  • Sarah Hart - I hear Sarah scream. Her gun is making an empty clicking sound and, realising that she's empty, the Mogs have started ascending on her. One of them reaches through the doorway and buries a dagger deep into her shoulder.
  • Number Six - "Do you think we're going to fight an entire army of Mogadorians without a few casualties?"
  • Marina - Something inside me snaps. I've never felt an anger like this before and it's almost comforting. The icy feeling of my legacy spreads through me, but it's different somehow, freezing and bitter and dead.
  • Number Eight - the beast swivels around and sinks its teeth into Eight's shoulders.
  • Number Nine - Bubbles break the surface of the swamp where Nine is still underwater. He's been pinned down there for almost a minute.
  • Ella - She's only just started getting her legacies. Who knows what she might be capable of?
  • Number Five - Burned into the crops with jagged precision is the Loric symbol for Five.
  • Malcolm - Sam is cradling Malcolm, who has a massive blaster wound in his midsection. His breathing is shallow and he's barely conscious; It doesn't look like he has much time left.
  • Bernie Kosar - "BK went on the roof to hold off the Mogs," Sam says. "He didn't come back."
  • Adam - If this Mogadorian defector is still alive, we're going to find him.


  • This book is narrated by John Smith/Number Four, Marina/Number Seven and Sam Goode. 
  • The first book to have a Human narrator. 
  • Adamus Sutekh makes his first appearence on the main book series. 
  • Number Five was introduced for the first time and for the first time after arriving on earth all the remaining Garde was reunited. 
  • The phone conversation between Adamus Sutekh and Sam Goode in The Forgotten Ones was repeated. 


  1. I Am Number Four Facebook page - Fall of Five Prophecies

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