Things can end differently,' I tell him. 'Use this in a way that your father never did. Help us win this war and change the fate of both our people.

–Number Four, The Revenge of Seven

The Sword that belonged to the Mogadorian General Andrakkus Sutekh, father of Adamus Sutekh. It is said to have been with the Sutekh family for generations.

The Sword had the abilities of the Mogadorian Swords that Number Four had first seen during the battle of Paradise High School. They drain the life out of the surrounding area to use as energy for their strike.

The sword is presumably the sword that the General used to murder Number Three and was later used against Four during the Attack on Ashwood Estates. Later in the battle, the General has his hands around Four's throat when Adamus sneaks up from behind with the sword and drives it through his Father's back, killing him. Four suggests that Adam keep the sword and use it for what it should be used for. (The Revenge of Seven)

Later, during the Battle for The Sanctuary, Adam uses the sword in battle. He also threatens Setrákus Ra himself with the sword, exclaiming that he killed his father with the sword, momentarily surprising Ra. He attacks Ra with it, but the damage is done to Ella instead. (The Fate of Ten)