Our people first made contact with humans after we discovered the colossal images in this desert. Although they depicted creatures from this world, they demonstrated mankind's desire to make contact with the heavens. It was a sign they might be ready to communicate with things beyond their planet.

–-A Guide to the Planet, The Earth Contingency - Egress Protocols

The Reach is an area in Peru where the Loric first made contact with Humans. In the Peruvian Desert, about 200 miles south of Lima, there lies a plain between the Inca and Nazca Valleys where the Nazca Lines are located. The area has many giant biomorphs and geoglyphs etched into the landscape, it is thought that they were constructed between 400 BC and 600 AD by Nazca culture in order to make contact with otherwordly beings or gods.

The Loric saw the images and realised the Humans desire to make contact with beings beyond their world, and decided to make contact.

There is a large Loralite stone located in Peru, most likely in the same area, Number Eight travelled here atleast once.