Our latest attempt to improve diplomatic relations with the Mogadorians was rebuffed. Violently. It appears the Mogadorians only accepted our delegation onto their world so that they could slaughter them.

–Loridas , The Fate of Ten (Flashback)

 The Secret Wars - a secret conflict between the Loric and the Mogadorians that was kept a secret by the Loric government to preserve the illusion of Loric utopia.

The Secret Wars Edit

Legend Edit

Not much is known about the conflict; it is shrouded in mystery even to Lorien's greatest historians and there are conflicting accounts.

It is said by Crayton that it was a time of death and war before Lorien had reached its full potential, when peace prevailed and the Loric were gifted with Legacies. He also believed that Ella's great-grandfather, the tenth Elder, was a casualty of the Secret Wars.

Ella's father Raylan was obsessed with the Secret Wars and was angry that his Grandfather's Elder status was not passed down to his family.

Actuality Edit

It is later revealed by the The Entity that the conflict was an attempt to build diplomatic relations with the Mogadorians who value war over peace and who accepted the Loric onto their home world only to turn on them. Two Elders (Original names Zaniff and Banshevus) who went by the Title of Pittacus and Setrákus Ra were killed on Mogadore. During the conflict, the Loric managed to take out their interstellar capabilities, confining them to Mogadore for some time.

The last known individuals to take the titles of Pittacus and Setrákus were inducted into the Elders together. However Setrákus began to believe that all people should have the power of Legacies, including the Mogadorians, and started a project to mine Lorien and process its power to create his Augmentation. Pittacus and the Elders soon put a stop to his mining and sentenced him to an execution, reducing their numbers to nine for fear that his defection would spread to another generation.

When the time came, Pittacus could not kill his old friend, though he said he would, and so faked his death and banished Ra from the planet without telling the others Elders (The Fall of Five).