The Tomb
Type Loric Burial Site
Location Stonehenge - Chesire, England
Purpose Ancient Burial site for Loric who lost their lives during conflicts on earth
This is a sacred place for our people. We are a peaceful race, but that has not stopped others from engaging us in conflict. The Loric who have died in battle on Earth are buried here. Once of Lorien, they are now forever a part of this planet.

Stonehenge, otherwise known as The Tomb, is a Loric burial site on Earth. Loric who lost thier lives, during conflicts on Earth, were laid to rest here.

The site is also home to a large Loralite stone which allows those with the ability to Teleport to quickly travel around the world, between the other stones. Number Eight, along with Marina and Ella, teleportsto this site on the way to New Mexico. While hiding from the security guards and searching for the Loralite stone, Eight knocks over the the structure of Stonehenge, which is later returned back to its original form by Marina when she uses her Telekinesis to lift the stones back to their places.

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