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They Walk Among Us is the name of an alien conspiracy newsletter, focusing on aliens and potential alien takeovers. The newsletter was written by a group of men in an attic in Athens, Ohio and distributed to those who had subcribed, it is later assumed to have ceased publication due to Mogadorian involvement.


Sam Goode was an avid reader of this newsletter and was seen with it regularly, having been unknowingly subcribed to it. In a discussion with Henri where the pair were telling each other stories during Halloween, Sam tells Henri about how the Mogadorians are on Earth and are planning an invasion, which he picked up from the October newsletter. After hearing this Henri tracks the location of the newsletter and travels to Athens, Ohio, where he is caught and held captive. Four, expecting Henri to come to thanksgiving dinner at Sarah's, gets worried and contacts Sam to help him.

Four and Sam set of for Athens in his father's truck, they find Henri and learn of the Mysterious Caller who supplied the publishers with the information on the war. The editors admit that the newsletter mentioning the Mogadorians' world domination plan attracted the Mogadorians' attention and led them to terrorize and monitor the editors and prevent them from publishing subsequent material. Upon sensing that the Mogadorians are close, Four, Sam and Henri quickly escape.

After Henri had tracked the editors and been captured Sandor was caught snooping around and was taken to the Mogadorian Mountain Base where he was tortured and eventually killed. Sandor was only there because he was desperately searching for Nine who had been taken by the Mogadorians, and during this fight the house was destroyed.

Known Newsletter/Blog EditorsEdit

The publishers of the newsletter that was eventually monitored by the Mogadorians.
They walk among us


After abducting Henri, he left the building with his aides, unaware that he was being spied on by John and Sam who will eventually arrive and rescue Henri.

Frank returns and witness John attempting to free Henri, and pulls his gun out at John. As he tosses John a duct tape to force him to retie Henri, John uses his Telekinesis to float the tape in midair, startling Frank. John uses this opportunity to disarm him and knocks him out.


Brett was left on his own when Frank left the building for a while. He heard the stairs creak, assuming Frank had returned, but looks down the stairs to see John, who has come looking for Henri.

Brett charged down the stairs with a bat in hand assuming he's 'one of them'. John tries to calm him down and asks where Henri is, but Brett refuses to tell, yelling at him to 'leave earth alone'. He was overpowered by John, then pushed against the wall. John started to choke him until he told him where Henri is. John then ties Brett up.

As soon as Henri was freed, he used an empty gun to interrogated Brett, who was then lifted up and tipped upside down in the air by John using his Telekinesis. He soon told them about the Mogs visiting and threatening them about the publications.

Third Conspiracy TheoristEdit

Another editor of the newsletter, present while Four tries to rescue Henri. He pushed Sam down the stairs leading into the basement who was saved by John. (He was not included in the film)

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