Lorien Timeline

This article is a subpage of Timeline. It details the events happening in the Lorien Era, before Lorien faces its doom during the Mogadorian invasion, at a time when its land and inhabitants still thrive.


Codes to the novels / novellas are appended in the table below. Brackets, where applicable, direct to the specific chapter of the book. For consistency purposes, the Garde's names are all represented in their numbers.

For the derivation of dates, refer to the relevant section of the main article.

No. Era Timeframe (Earth year) Novels under this era
1 The Lorien Era 1999,
2 The Post-Lorien Era 1999,
January 10
3 The Rebellion Era 2011,
January 10
March 26
4 The Revolution Era 2011,
March 26

Timeline of the Lorien EraEdit


  1. Number Five mentioned in LL4 that his Cêpan was older than all the other known Cêpan, putting Albert in his late 50s or early 60s when he died.
  2. It is unknown what the Loric age of majority is, so Sandor's age cannot be confirmed; it is known, however, that he is the youngest among the nine Cêpan, thus younger than Adelina and hence at most in his 20s when Lorien fell.
  3. In Return to Paradise Mark mentions that he is in the final semester of High School. Thus making him a High School Senior and 17 or 18 years old.
  4. According to Lexa, this occured five Loric years before the Fall of Lorien. This article assumes that the duration of a year is approximately equal on both planets.
  5. This date is taken from The Power of Six's estimation of a full moon in February 2011 and the recounts of Four during his travels. See relevant section in year 2011.
  6. Four was 4 years old during the Fall of Lorien. See LL1(1,23).
  7. The recount by Malcolm explains the presence of the Loric skeleton in his backyard bunker, as well as Sandor's observations of the Elders in TLF5.
  8. The date of formation of the Greeters is debatable, for LL2(18) suggests that the Greeters had been given a transmission device as early as 1996.