Yeah, it left after ours. Or, at least, I think it did. Loaded with Chimæra. Fifteen or so, and three Cêpan, and maybe a baby. I had visions of it when Henri and I were training, though he was skeptical.But so far all my visions have proven true.

–Number Four, The Power of Six

In Number Four's visions of Lorien on the night of the Mogadorian Invasion, he witnesses a Second ship leaving the planet. He watches as Three Cêpan, a bundle and a heard of Chimæra enter the ship and it takes off.

Identities Edit

Crayton Edit

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One of the Cêpan, Crayton, left the ship with one of the Chimæra, named Olivia, and Ella and began the search for the Garde.

Lexa Edit

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Another of the Cêpan, an engineer named Lexa piloted the ship. The Only surviving Cêpan.

Zophie Edit

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Zophie, Lexa's friend and the sister of Janus the pilot of the ship that held the chosen Garde.