In Number Four's visions of Lorien on the night of the Mogadorian Invasion, he witnesses a Second ship leaving the planet. He watches as Three Cêpan, a bundle and a heard of Chimæra enter the ship and it takes off.

One of the Cêpan, Crayton, left the ship with one of the Chimæra, named Olivia, and Ella and began the search for the Garde.

Another of the Cêpan, a woman named Lexa, used her expertise to fly Crayton, Ella, the Chimæra and her friend to Earth. Once on Earth, she created a blog site to try and make the public aware of the impending Mogadorian invasion. The site eventually attracted the attention of Mark James who became her ally and it soon adopted the name "They Walk Among Us".

In The Navigator, they are revealed to be Lexa and Zophie. Zophie was killed by the Mogadorians not long after they arrived on Earth.

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