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    The Fall of Five

    February 22, 2013 by AwesomeIsMyName

    Hey! It's me, you may remember me as the guy who made a review and prediction blog for the search for Sam.

    Anyway.... as you probably know book 4 is officially called the fall of five! What could that mean?!

    Update: description of book here:

    My guess is (by the description) that this will be a very slow moving book with little action (The way the power of six was) as a follow up to the action packed rise of nine leading up to an action packed finale fifth book. what is your opinion

    will add more to the blog later

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    Ok.... I just finished reading the search for Sam and I have alot of stuff to say about it. You probably don't know me, I made a  blog a while back User_blog:Skleian/Sam!!!!!_:D_:d_:D_:D_:D_:D and I commented a little but I am mostly a new reader of the series, I started reading this year reading all the books in a row and I really loved them.

    Search for Sam was the best lost files so far. Adamus' character is one of the best things the writer did with the series. Before Adamus all the mogs were just an endless amount of nameless faceless feelingless murderers, nothing more. Adamus' story changed that. While the book didn't focus much on what I was excited before about it (Sam) it was beyond epectations. IF anything it should have been call…

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