• Number49

    Ok so I already posted my theory on another user's blog but I thought of doing one my own....

    Here's my thoughts on Setrakus Ra;

    From what we say in the Rise of Nine, towards the end, Ra revelead quite a bit of his powers, and for those who don't recall;

    -Telekinesis -> Used it to lift Six to the ceiling

    -Power Drain (Don't know it's proper name) -> He shoots out a bolt of electricity across the room, and thus somehow shuts down the gardes abilities

    -Shapeshift into Anybody ALIVE! -> He shapeshifted in power of six and rise of nine, both times as Sarah and once as Six towards the end of RON.

    -Communicate with the Garde in their Dreams

    -Enhancement - He's strong as he was able to fight both pittacus and Six and fast enough to beat Nine.

    -More Unkno…

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