• Pmjm

    Hi everyone! 

    I just read the latest novella about further Mark James' jurney. It was much more readable than "Return to Paradise" (which I really hate and consider as a boring as hell couse it has little importance to whole plot).

    I like the transformation that was made for this character, from douche in first book to true super-hero and loyal friend to Loric. First I assume that his character wasnt important and necessary, but now I don't think that way anymore! 

    It's nice that authors and ghost-writers can add his character to main plot and make it reasonable. He is like one-more-surprise after Adam and his change to Loric cause. I didnt notice any plot-hole or mistakes in relation to the events described in 3rd, 4th and 5th book (not the …

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  • Pmjm

    Five's Legacy sample available

    January 29, 2014 by Pmjm

    I was checking that every day until now, and.. Yes, the sample of the next Lost Files is available now on iBooks Store! It is only one chapter but I think it's made my day.

    We get the island, the 13-year-old Number Five and his run for life. We get some history about earlier life (Canada) and current localization (some Caribbean island). The story starts a few days after Number Two death, so we will get really long story. 

    There's a 10 chapters at all, not so many. I really curious who Rey is (and why his name is really similar to Reynolds, Eight's Cepan?) and what happened to Albert? Is Number Five lied about that name to the rest of Gardes or possibly Rey is not his Cepan?

    Cheers, Patrick.

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  • Pmjm

    Thoughts after reading TFOF

    August 30, 2013 by Pmjm

    So yes, it's done. I finally end reading The Fall of Five. Or maybe it should be called The Betray of Five?

    I kinda don't like that idea with this whole Bad-Loric Number. The Chosen Ones shuld be the best ones, with open hearts and open minds. The story of Five don't fit in puzzles. In every book - novels and novellas - it was the clues about Five as blonde girl, why everyting change? I have some thoughts that the ghostwriters in Full Fatom Five make this new idea in the last seconds. That's why they announced the title only few months before the premiere, because they write the plot in hurry. Thay had only Ella's/Setrakus' story and nothing more, I think. And I don't like this hole Ella's nightmares at all. But this is what we get.

    But, after…

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  • Pmjm

    The Fall of Five trailer

    August 26, 2013 by Pmjm

    I just saw the trailer of the next book and I think it's horrible. I hate this whole idea about making books trailers exactly the same as the movies. That stupid and the final effect is horrible. So please don't use images from this video as characters' avatars, I can't look at it, these people are absolutely awful.

    And yeah, i can't visit this site anymore for about one week after the 27th of august coz spoilers are everywhere.

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  • Pmjm

    HarperCollins made an amazing campaign to force people to preorder The Fall of Five.

    I quote:

    Preorder TFOF and receive an exclusive scene that will get you one step closer to learning how the Garde will be changed forever!
    How It Works: 
    1) Enter your information and pre-order number below.
    2) Click share to tell your friends about The Fall of Five.
    3) Get the exclusive scene—only available here until 8/27/13.

    Can anyone do it and share this exclusive scene, please?! I can't preorder this book in the way HC wants it.

    Just grab this link - click !

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