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    May 14, 2016 by Ryanjreynolds

    Hello everyone! 

    I have been planning on merging this wikia and The Lorien Legacies Wikia for a long time and am only finally getting around to it. The first step was adopting the wikia, and the second step was discussing the merger with the users of the respective sites. 

    I am in discussions with a user I refer to as 'Aura' who I put in charge of the wikia so that it didn't go to hell while I studied for my final year of Law school and he seems pretty keen on the idea too. 

    Before we go ahead however, it's only right and fair that we hear from the users first so I'm offering you the opportunity to have your say. I think it would be great to have the entire fandom in one place, however compromises will have to be made, integrating the good po…

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  • Ryanjreynolds

    Discussion Pages

    February 4, 2015 by Ryanjreynolds

    It's time to add a new dimension to I Am Number Four Wiki!

    Join in the discussion in one of three exciting new pages; get your imagination and creative juices flowing!

    • Discuss your fantasy cast at the IDEAL CAST page.
    • Train your mind and get involved in some role play; be your favorite characters over at the SHADOW page.


    • Share your alternative events, endings or scenes! What events would you change, add or take away in you had the chance? Head on over to the ALTERNATIVE EVENTS page.

    Suggestions for other discussions pages are welcome here. Enjoy!

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  • Ryanjreynolds

    What's up guys?

    October 7, 2014 by Ryanjreynolds

    Hey Guys,

    What's up?

    There's lots of talk going around about how the wikia is going downhill and what not... I guess I've been so deep with adding content that I didn't notice anything was up, I thought badger was just being dramatic but  I've seen more and more about it so I guess something is definitely up.

    I need you guys to talk to me about issues and things like this so that I can fix it, rather than everyone fleeing. Before we have a discussion, however, I do need to tell you that statistically the wikia has been doing better than it has done for a long time. There are lots more views per day, lots more edits and new users every day. The pages are more organised (or in the process of being) so I'm baffled.

    Please use this blog to help me…

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  • Ryanjreynolds


    July 24, 2014 by Ryanjreynolds

    Hello Everyone, Everyone Welcome.

    I Hope you have all enjoyed reading Five's Betrayal!
    I need to get many things organised and I need some people to help. Below are a list of jobs and opportunities that are up for grabs!!
    1. Spell Checker position. I need a regular editer to be my spell checker, i currently have a list of all pages that have spelt the words Cepan, Chimeara and Setrakus wrong and need to be edited. If you adopt this position your job can end here if you want it to and any further spell checking is optional. Cal
    2. Temporary Admin Position. A temporary admin position is available for the next few months to help me with organisation, deleteing unused photos, blog posts and monitoring abuse by other users. Badger
    3. Permenant Admin Position for…
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  • Ryanjreynolds


    I highly recommend that you play the "They Walk Among Us" game on facebook - LINK:!/IAmNumberFourFans/app_263469023708398

    Find out what Mark James has been up to since I Am Number Four!!!

    It's a choose your own destiny type game and it's very interesting. I have played it twice and even though the same things happen, each time i saw it from the perspective of two different characters. The characters are editors from They Walk Among Us and strange things have been happening on the blog.

    * * * * * * * U P D A T E * * * * * * *

    OK! SO since Return to Paradise - the events from this game differ slightly.............

    BUT I AM STILL CURIOUS..... If you guys could help me get as much information from this as poss…

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