It would be nice to create event pages detailing significant battles so far.

Battle of Lorien already exists but needs a bit more information

Then there is the following which are the most important, some could use more orginal titles:

  • Fight in malaysia - death of number one
  • Operation in London - death of number two
  • Skirmish in Kenya - death of number three
  • Battle at Paradise High School already exists may need some more information- almost got four, four and six unite, death of henri, first major conflict on earth
  • Ambush in spain - Mogadorians finally attack Marina in Spain, six joins them at the lake
  • Escape from the mogadorian mountain base - four and nine meet
  • Battle of Dulce base - first encounter with setrakus Ra, most of the garde unite

If anyone can think of a decent name for any of these pages please feel free to make it. The pages should include information of the events leading up to the conflict, the events of the actual conflict and then the aftermath. don't forget to add the pages to the Events category :)

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