So I want to know the opinions on all of the Garde 1-10, their personalities not their Legacies. Answer the ones that you want to answer.

1. Who is your favorite character?

2. Who is your least favorite character?

3. Who is the most interesting character/ who do you love reading about the most?

4. Who has the most room for character development?

5. Who would be your best friend?

6. Who is the most powerful?

7. Who do you think will beome the most powerful?

8. Who is the best Cepan in relation to their Garde?

9. Who uses their powers the smartest?

10. Who do you have a crush on?

11. Who do you pity the most?

12. Who has suffered the most and deserves some kind of reward? (You can use humans)

13. What kind of happy ending do you want?

14. What do you ship? What is your OTP?

15. Five Theory Time... I will post the one that is the most interesting (and acknowledges the fact that it is just a theory, cough Shin XIan) here like I will do with all the responses.

Please comment!

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