I couldn't find how to add this on to the main editing page so I made a blog post for it.

1. Change all the Garde's aliases to their numbers. It's their actual identity or what they prefer to go by. Six prefers Six to Maren, so call her Six. Marina is how we know her so Marina for Seven.

2. Putting in the history for each Garde page, for all three+ books (including the Lost Files) and only do what happened to the character

By that I mean do not do (I'm using Six as an example for the main character):

In England, Six loved gelato, and wanted some in Rome. In the Phllipines, Eight was knocked unconscious and had a dream about Six.

3. Taking out possible Legacies, and put it into the history where the hint came such as: "John began having dreams that signaled the future or was in another place (a possible precursor of precognition)"

4. Grammar/ spelling/ capitalization

5. Immediately editing after new books (which means, like for second point, add in the history for each character after the new books come out, when you have time)

I'll work on these when I have time and I know others are editing.

Anything I should add?

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