Dream Manipulation is an Legacy that is used to manipulate dreams over long distances. This Legacy is primally used by Setrákus Ra to give Ella dreams of "the future" and later used to attempt to manipulate the Garde.

Known Users Edit

Setrákus Ra Edit

Setrákus Ra first uses to torment Ella in her dreams, showing terrifying visions of the future. It is unexplained how he is able to use this ability to control her and "possess" her into pulling others into the vision. In the vision, he shows her his twisted version of the future, showing a destroyed Washington DC, as well as Five working for the Mogs, Ella as Ra's "heir", and Five executing Sam and Six, the last of the Loric Resistance.

Pittacus Lore Edit

With Ximic, those with the title of Pittacus Lore have the ability to copy Legacies they have seen.