This is a consolidated page detailing various Visions, Dreams and Memories that have been experienced or re-experienced by certain characters throughout the Lorien Legacies series.

I Am Number FourEdit

Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien - JohnEdit

John sees the Mogadorians invading Lorien, viewing a Piken slaughtering hundreds of Loric, the Loric fighting back and using their legacies to kill many Mogs, and sees the sky and Lorien burn.

Second Loric Ship - JohnEdit

John sees the invasion happen again, but this time he also sees the second loric ship, an antique ship, leave, with a newborn baby (Ella), fifteen chimæra, and three Cêpans (Crayton, Lexa, and Zophie). He asks Henri what was of that ship, and Henri says that he doesn't know.

The Power of SixEdit

Mogadorian Leader - JohnEdit

John sees a Mogadorian talk to Setrákus Ra on Mogadore about the attack on Paradise and how it failed, with every Mog sent dying. Setrákus Ra sees John, greets him, and says he can "free him". John then wakes up to Sam shouting his name, and Six saying that he was speaking in Mogadorian and a little Loric.

Setrákus Ra leaves Mogadore - JohnEdit

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Number Six - MarinaEdit

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The Rise of NineEdit

The Fall of FiveEdit

Post-apocalyptic future Washington D.C. - John and EllaEdit

John is walking down the destroyed streets of Washington D.C. He sees chained humans that are being dragged by squadrons of Mogadorians, to the Lincoln Memorial, where Setrákus Ra has made his throne, with a "possessed" Ella at his side. John observes Ra wearing several pendants, one of them his. John then sees Number Six, who has developed a spike mohawk, and Sam, who is suffering a limp, carried out in front of them, and Number Five, who has an eye patch, dragging them. Ella orders to execute them, as John realizes that Five is a traitor, and puzzles why Setrákus refers to Ella as his "heir". Five executes Six with the bladed gauntlet, and the scar (really Eight's scar) forms onto John's leg, waking him up.

The Revenge of SevenEdit

The Fate of Ten Edit

The Meeting in the Elder's Chamber - All Human and Loric Garde, plus Adam, Lexa, and Setrákus Ra Edit

After Ella is possessed by the Lorien entity (whom she calls "Legacy"), she uses her amplified telepathic powers to gather all who have been touched by Legacy, including but not limited to all Loric Garde, Setrákus Ra, Adam, Lexa, Sam Goode, Daniela Morales, Bertrand, the U.S. President's older daughter, a boy from London, a girl from Japan, a boy from Nigeria, and hundreds more.

Pittacus Lore and Setrákus Ra were friends growing up, but Setrákus Ra was obsessed with discovering how to harness Lorien's power with his Pipeline to grant powers to those who are not Garde like his wife, Celwe. Pittacus was going to have executed Setrákus Ra at the orders of the other Elders but became merciful instead and exiled him. Years later, Celwe came back to Lorien with her daughter, Parrwyn, who became Ella's grandmother.

Afterwards, the Loric Garde and Adam all see their fallen Cêpans and allies (Four sees Henri, Nine sees Sandor, Five sees Albert, Six sees Katarina, Marina sees Adelina, and Adam sees Number One). The Cêpans escort the Garde to the Elder's chamber, where they meet Lexa, Ella, Setrákus Ra, and all Human-Garde.

The Lost FilesEdit

The LegaciesEdit

One's Childhood on Lorien - AdamEdit

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One's Life on Earth - AdamEdit

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One's Memory of the Airstip - AdamEdit

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This Page will details various visions that have been witnessed by characters in the novels.

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