Voron is a plant that grows on Lorien. Any damage dealt with a weapon made by Voron can not be healed with the Healing Legacy or a Healing Stone. It is responsible for Setrákus Ra's scar. The Voron noose that was used on Setrákus Ra in The Fate of Ten was later used on Number Four by Phiri Dun-Ra in United as One, resulting in a scar around his neck, similar to the one that Setrákus Ra has. After Four escapes Phiri (with help from Five), he uses his Lumen to melt down the Voron noose, and through Telekinesis, makes a dagger roughly the size of his forearm with the molten Voron. Later in United as One, Six finishes Setrákus Ra off with the dagger Four made, resulting in the end of the book.