The White Tablet is an electronic device of Loric origin, given to Malcolm Goode by Pittacus Lore shortly after the Mogadorian Invasion of Lorien. The Tablet activates when it comes into contact with the Loric Ship, notifying the Greeters of its arrival.

The tablet tracks the members of the Garde as well as what is thought to be the two Loric ships: the Loric Ship that brought the nine Garde and Cêpan and the second ship that brought Ella and Crayton, however this is not confirmed.

The Tablet was found in Malcolm's secret underground office by Four; however he could not get it to work until he got to Number Nine's penthouse where Nine found a cable that was compatible with it and the computer. Here they could see each Garde member and their movements around the world. This included Number Five who went from South America to Jamaica and then over the Atlantic Ocean.

The White Tablet is used as a crucial tool throughout the Garde's stay in Chicago as it allowed them to keep track of Number Five and eachother on their various missions. Following the Ambush in Chicago, Four takes the tablet with him as he collects important items to flee with.


  • The method of tracking the Garde is unknown, the Loric pendants can be ruled out as Ella is unlikely to have one and is still visible on the tablet.
  • However, some hypothesize that it may have something to do with identity bands.
  • It has not yet been confirmed what the triangles represent, it is thought to be the two Loric spaceships. One triangle was present in Dulce, New Mexico and the other in Egypt. Walker tells the Garde that they have their ship, seemingly confirming that the triangle in Dulce is their ship. The Loric Ship was retrieved by Lexa soon after the Battle of Dulce, while the Second Loric Ship is beyond repair in Egypt.