Zophie is a Cêpan who was the boss of Lexa before Lorien was attacked. She contacts Lexa when Lorien is invaded and tells her to go to the museum where an old ship that has been renovated is. She then convinces Lexa to pilot the ship and fly to Earth with her, Crayton, several chimærae and infant Ella. On the journey Zophie reveals her brother Janus is the pilot of the first ship to leave and he told her about the Elders plan.

Upon arriving to earth Lexa explains how desperate Zophie is to find her brother. When Lexa watches a video on the death of Janus she does not believe that Zophie is mentally prepared enough to take the news. This however leads to a more negative effect as Zophie is tricked into revealing her position to the Mogadorians when she thought she was messaging her brother. Zophie is killed in this attack by a Mogadorian Beast and the chimærae she was with are captured and/or killed.